Hanging Laundry Hamper Bags ​with ​Wash Bag for Delicates, Bras – Large Door Hampers ​for ​Dirty Clothes – Clothing Storage ​and​ Washing Baskets with Hooks – Portable, Space Saving


  • COMPACT SIZE, LARGE CAPACITY​: ​Our ​over-the-door laundry hamper​ is the perfect solution for ​homes​ that are limited in space or storage. ​Laundry baskets and bins ​are bulky, unattractive, and take up room in ​closets, laundry rooms, and bedrooms​. With our ​wall hampers​, you can ​conveniently contain and harness dirty clothes to the door​. Not only does this free-up floor space; our ​laundry storage bags​ are more ​attractive​ as they eliminate the mess caused by ​baskets​.
  • THE COMPLETE PACKAGE: ​With your purchase of the Tiny Design Living set, you receive everything you need to effortlessly mantle you hamper, house your ​dirty laundry​, and ​wash your delicates​. This ​kit ​comes with a​ large laundry bag ​(21” x 29”), ​universal hooks that fit over most doors, ​double-sided adhesive tape, and padded stickers that go on the backside of the hooks to protect paint and wood​. Additionally, it comes with a bonus ​mesh wash bag​.
  • PROTECT YOUR​ UNDERGARMENTS:​ ​Throwing your ​bras, lingerie, stockings, pantyhose, and other delicates ​directly into the ​washing machine​ and ​dryer​ can easily jeopardize the integrity and looks of your more ​intimate clothing​. By utilizing the TDL ​mesh washing bag, ​you can throw the bag in with the rest of your laundry without worrying about snagging or tearing fragile material and ruining underwires.
  • ​PERFECT ​TRAVEL GEAR:​ ​If you are a frequent traveler, you’ll want to include our ​travel laundry bag ​in every trip or adventure. When not full, this ​pouch​ can either ​lay flat or be folded into your suitcase, luggage, or backpack​. Our storage bag is a great way to separate your dirty or wet clothes while on vacation or ​for outdoor activities like camping, backpacking, boating, or hiking​. You can even hang soiled clothing on the ​closet​ or ​bathroom door or your ​hotel​.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, PORTABLE: ​This ​door-hanging laundry bin ​is so simple to hang and take down that you can easily move it from the bedroom to the laundry room. Say “sayonara” to awkwardly dragging or carrying your heavy ​laundry baskets​ back and forth (which also often leaves stray clothing in their wake). You can even use the built-in loops of our hampers as handles for convenient manipulation and moveability.

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Tiny Design Living ~ ​Organization ​and Laundry Made Simple
Introducing our newest addition to our luxury line of ​homegoods​ – The TDR ​wall laundry hamper. This accessory​ ​is a must for any home – whether you live alone, as a ​couple​, or with ​kids​. ​Perfect for dorms, apartments, or homes with limited space​, these​ hanging laundry hampers ​provide a ​stylish and accessible way to store dirty apparel, towels, and bedding. ​It also significantly helps with saving space. Accessorized with hooks that fit over most doors and pads to protect from surface scratches, this ​laundry set ​is ​ideal for closets, bedrooms, bathrooms, and nurseries​. For additional convenience, it comes with a white, mesh bag for ​cleaning​ your delicates. The TDL ​laundry storage and washing kit ​is so​ practical​, it makes a ​great gift set for new college students, new homeowners, and new parents​.

Product Details:
(1) Laundry Hamper, Grey,
(1) Mesh Wash Bag, White
(2) Stainless Steel Hooks
(2) Protective Sticky Pads
(1) Double Faced Adhesive Tape
Dimensions: 21 inches x 29 inches
Material: 90% Cotton, 10% Polyester

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Legal Disclaimer
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Washing laundry isn’t exactly enjoyable, but it’s a responsibility that men, women, and families have to take part in. At Tiny Design Living, we aim to make this chore as convenient and painless as possible. Featuring durable construction and attractive aesthetics, the TDL clothing bag with door hooks promises outlasting performance. However, if you aren’t happy with your purchase or there is a defect, we will provide a full refund or replacement.


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