Our Story

We are living in an age with exponential population growth and whilst it has often been the dream of many to own a large plot of land with a house for our growing families, that dream has had to be somewhat modified to accommodate for the reality of what is both available, in our budget and in a location that suits us and our families.
The idea of living small actually comes with many benefits that we all inherently know but often forget about in our quest for a perfect home. These benefits include but are not limited to:

  • – More time spent with family in the same space!
  • – Reduced cost of mortgage and the opportunity to pay it off sooner
  • – Reduced cost of energy bills
  • – Reduced cost of excessive furnishings and d├ęcor
  • – Reduced carbon footprint, better for our planet.
  • – More value for money with every square meterage being used effectively

Tiny Design Living was a brand that grew from the idea that one can still live stylishly and in comfort whilst living small. The reality of living small no longer means that we have to compromise on living with quality and comfort, but it does mean that we need to think a little harder about how we use our space. Tiny Design Living provides solutions for the design conscious individual with products that enable us to use our smaller spaces more effectively. Visit @tinydesignliving on Instagram for tips and tricks that are tried and true with visual concepts that you can utilise in your own home. We welcome your comments and any ideas that you have used in your home!