Maximise vertical space

One key method to living with less square meterage is using all space including that which is vertical. This means rethinking the use of doors as an example. There is a myriad of ideas for what we can use doors for (and not just opening up and closing off a space!). Some of these ideas include over door laundry hamper, shoe racks, hooks for clothing, towel racks, jewellery cabinets, mirrors, ironing board hanger, spice racks, pantry items.

Once you start looking around your own home you start to see the potential of vertical space and all of the previously untapped resources. Racks, rods, hooks, flanges, castor wheels are all tools that enable us to be able to better use vertical space to store items that are in constant use but that we don’t necessarily want to have visible in our living space.

A popular concept that has gained momentum in the last few years is vertical gardening. Now this is something that we do want visible! Vertical gardening also known as green wall gardening is where a wall is partially or completely covered with greenery that includes a growing medium such as soil, water or a substrate. Most (not all) green walls include an integrated water delivery system and have the added benefit of providing additional insulation to your home (if scaled) and ultimately reduce the energy costs of your home.These green walls provide a great way for all of us to have a garden in our smaller homes.

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